…About R.A. Johnson…

A Life long devotee of the human form, RA Johnson found his start in the Fitness industry. After experiencing the beauty of the natural lines and shapes created by the body, Johnson found himself drawn to capturing moments of life and beauty in every day people and places. This process unleashed a deep passion for creating images using people and places around the world to create colourful and unusual photographic combinations of beauty and sensuality. From fashion to nature, commercial to editorial, RA Johnson’s range is only limited by his imagination.

Johnson’s years of work in the field and in studios and venues around the world has been featured by companies such as Hasbro, Ubisoft and Wizards of the Coast, and in print (most recently in Xalt Magazine).

A painter in pixels, light and lenses, R.A. invites you behind his eyes to see the world and its people from his perspective.

All images and artwork are © copyright of RA Johnson / Robert Johnson Photography and may not be reproduced, copied and re-used without the prior explicit consent of the photographer.

.....Major Credits.....



Wizards of the Coast

Ubisoft (Fragdolls)

Star City Games



PIE Magazine

IMAGO Magazine

Xalt Magazine



Public Relations Companies:

360 Public Relations

Porter Novelli


Movie and TV:

Bad Kids Go To Hell

Passing on the Smile

Conventions / Event Coverage:

FanExpo (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Penny Arcade Expo (Boston, MA USA)

Penny Arcade Expo (Seattle, WA USA)

San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA USA)

Gencon (Indianapolis, IN USA)

Anime North (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

New York Comic Con (New York City, NY USA)

Pro Tour Paris (Paris France)

StarcityGames Invitational (Indianapolis, IN USA / Richmond, VI USA / Charlotte NC, USA / LA, USA / Atlanda, USA / Baltimore, USA)

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