Social Media

You are the expert in your field. Who better than you to educate and enlighten your potential customers? By using social networking, video / photographic documentation, and cross-platform migration you will help your customers become more aware of the services you offer and help brand your knowledge and product line. Couple this with the growing amount of people shopping and investigating products and services online, many of your potential customers will judge your business by the information (or lack there of) they find on the internet. Now more than ever it is important to have more than just a website. How you network with your current and potential customers and how you are represented online (your web presence) can be the difference between being “open” and being successful and profitable going forward.

By providing factual, easy to understand and branded information through multiple platforms you have the ability to reach and persuade people you may have never had a chance to meet with.

Lets take a quick look at how Social Media can effect your business.

Social Media

  • Facebook – the average person has 150 friends on facebook. If your 150 friends have 150 friends, you can impact 22,500 people every time you interact with a client. Now think about this: there are over 600 Million users on Facebook. The “cascade” potential for reaching potential clients is incredible.
  • Linkedin – Think of it as “Facebook for business”. 120 Million unique users all looking to interact (including over 60,000 in our area alone since July 2011)

  • Twitter – on the go, at home or at the office, this mini-messaging tool gives you the ability to find, talk to or re-direct people to any information or site you choose. Think of Twitter like headlines in a newspaper, grabbing peoples attention and bringing them to you. 200 million users processing more than 110 million tweets per day can’t be wrong.

  • Google + - while not as widely accepted as Facebook, it is gaining ground on the back of Googles penetration into other markets. Every Youtube user, every gmail client, and every person who logs into a Google owned product creates a Google + account as part of the process. Your Google + account becomes part of the network, and becomes searchable through any Google application.

  • Youtube – currently the #2 search engine in the world, it has over 490 million unique users per month.

Advertising / sales

  • Kijiji
  • EBAY

  • Craigslist


Content Generation

  • Manufacturers

  • In store Videos (small clips to bring people in / introduce lines)

  • Product / staff Photography

Cross marketing platforms:

  • Linking your Advertising and sales to your social media outlets

  • Accessing your customers directly with Deals, flyers, special events

  • Getting your suppliers to link you and generate traffic to your social media and website

  • Getting your community to build your client list through social media sharing

  • GOOGLE / BING rankings generation (increased placement in search engines)



Staff – Being able to have customers know exactly whom they are dealing with will make them more comfortable. It also allows you to identify to clients specifically who are the expert in what fields.

Products and services – By obtaining and using images of your products and services you are not only allowing customers to see what you do, but you can portray the atmosphere of your business. Many customers have no knowledge of what they are specifically looking for, so educating them allows them to feel empowered as purchasers, and helps you better identity what products or services they are looking for.

Location and workspace – Telling someone where you are is great, showing them where they well receive the best service available will relax and entice them.

ADDITIONAL: Photographic material is a reusable media. Images that you use on the web and in office are perfect for Advertising campaigns, websites, etc. Images of the staff, products and services, and location and workspace are the same images that you would use in a newspaper, rack card, handout or flier. Each image can be used to spread your message across multiple medias and platforms.


Staff – Taking client / employee relations to the next level, video allows employees to identify themselves and their specific expertise to customers.

Products and Services: Photographing products and services can give customers an idea of what something is. By providing video as an additional option you can educate customers more thoroughly and specifically. It also allows you to create answers to specific “Frequently Asked Questions and Demonstrations”, effectively freeing up staff to perform other tasks while still allowing customers to learn from your staff. This also allows you to specifically brand your answers to your location, products and services, driving customers in for more information. This is especially effective in situations where customers can learn or perform tasks that you do not profit from but are forced to replicate on a regular basis.

ADDITIONAL: Video can be used not only on your website, but as branded advertising though websites like BLINGTV and YOUTUBE. With the use of these types of websites you can maximize your exposure. Each video can be searched out on its own, add value to your website, and allow customers who might not know your business specifically to find you. They can also make you money!

Social Media / Cross-Platform Migration

All of the above services are great, but if your customer does not know where to FIND them it does you no good. By creating access points for your customers to find you and your products (and link from one to the other) you allow multiple angles from which your clients can find and link you within your community. Online fliers sent directly to your customers through email / social media messaging would reach them in a more timely and cost effective manner then regular mail. A Kijiji Ad for a product / service might link them to your Facebook account. A YOUTUBE video might prompt them to check out your website. A LinkedIn profile might connect local doctors and their patients to your website to look for medical products. A Google / BING listing might have you listed higher then your competition, getting YOU the business first. Now think about this: all of your access points can connect to each other, creating a presence across the web from which any customer can find everything about you.

And what about traffic sharing? Your distributors / product manufacturers can share your access points with their entire Internet traffic through direct linking. You can return the favour at your advantage by doing the same. If you position your web presence as an access point for them, people will regularly traffic your site so they can connect with the products as well.

Maximize your client exposure without impacting your bottom line.

With Packages starting from just $100 per month, Accessing your customers through the World Wide Web has never been easier or more affordable!

Contact us now for to find out how Social Media can work for you!

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